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Family Integrity

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A wholeness of the family unit with processes and functioning that supports family system (Krumwiede, Mei-ers, Bliesmer, Eggenberger, Earle, Murray, Harman, Andros, & Rydholm 2004; Anderson & Tomlinson, 1992).Explore family health (structure, functioning, processes)


Further development needed

  • Examine family management of illness experience and support for individual and family health
  • Identify family strengths and resources used in coping
  • Explore individual-family-nurse partnerships


(Anderson & Tomlinson, 1992; Clarke-Steffen, 1997; Krumwiede, Meiers, Bliesmer, Eggenberger, Earle, Murray, Harman, Andros, & Rydholm, 2004; Tomlin-son, Peden-McAlpine, & Sherman, 2012)


No further information at this time.

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