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Family Stress

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Pressure or tension in the family system. A change in the family equilibrium with the degree of stress depending on family’s perception and appraisal of the situation (Boss, 2002). A state in which family resources are challenged by the environment and endanger family integrity (Kazak, 1992). Explore the perception of threat and the meaning of an event; then, intervene based on findings


Further development needed

  • Identify individual and family unit perception of resources
  • Explore individual and family unit perception of support
  • Create opportunities for nurse to be viewed as resource
  • Diligently provide consistent information
  • Use therapeutic questioning techniques, examples: “How can we be most helpful?”, “What is one question you would most like answered during our time together?” (Wright & Leahey, 2013)


(Boss, 2002; McCubbin, & McCubbin, 1993; McAdam, Fontaine, White, Dracup & Puntillo, 2012; Werner & Frost, 2000)


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