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Family Reintegration

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Family reintegration within a chronic illness experience relates to the family’s capacity to adapt to reality and make choices, transforming the reality of a chronic ill-ness in an iterative pattern across the lifecycle of the family (Meiers, Krumwiede, Eggenberger, 2016). A family reintegrates not to some form or pre-existing model but to an integrated system that can manage the chronic illness over time while the family evolves simul-taneously with its own identity, values and personality (Eggenberger,. Eggenberger, Meiers, Krumwiede, Blies-mer, Earle, 2011).


Further development needed

  • Explore family changes in processes and routines with illness
  • Guide family in adjusting and developing new family processes
  • Encourage family processes that support family health


(Eggenberger, Meiers, Krumwiede, Bliesmer, & Earle, 2011)


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