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Erik Jacobson

Family Construct Example

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The family construct proposal definition provides the reader with a clear and concise description of the family construct. For example, "Family relationships include the everyday interactions of communicating, connecting, and cooperating within the family that have an intimate and emotional intensity that persists over time". The definition should contain in-text citations if any references are used.


The family construct context is an explanation of how the family construct fits in with a real world nursing setting or situation. This provides a clear example of how the construct can be adequately applied.


The family construct actions are examples of nursing practices or interventions used in order to provide a solution to any situation raised because of the construct. For example, some of the actions might include:

  • "Facilitate family communication"
  • "Discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan"

Any constructs defined should have in-text citations if any references are used.


Any references used in defining the definition, context, or actions for the family construct should be listed in the References section of the construct submission, and should be formatted using the standard APA format. 


If you have any additional notes or comments upon submitting your construct, they should be laid out in the Notes section.

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