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Verbal, nonverbal messages exchanges in family member interactions (Vangelisti, 2004) . How messages interpreted over time in a family includes elements such as themes, attitudes, values, and beliefs. Interactions such as intergenerational, child-parent, family member-family member are often repeated and evolve over time to create communication patterns. Shared and individual communication exists in a family (Vangelisti, 2004). A family process that expresses emotion and ideas, knowledge and skills related to health (Denham, 2003). A family process that socializes family members to health (Denham, 2003). Communication impacts both individual family member and family health (Vangelisti, 2004). Explore family’ usual patterns of communication and then initiate and facilitate healthy family communication and discussions


Further development needed

  • Encourage and guide family discussions about conflicts and differences
  • Explore individual concerns and compare to thinking of other family members
  • Arrange family meetings about decisions, health and illness, beliefs, concerns, illness experience


(Denham, 2003; Vangelisti, 2004)


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