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Family Connecting

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Family connecting is an element of family dynamics that relates to the commitment of family members as a relational unit with dimensions of bonds and togetherness that refer to emotional and physical closeness (Walsh, 1993; Olson, 1993).


Further development needed

  • Acknowledge the importance of family connections
  • Explore stresses on the family bonds with illness experiences
  • Develop nurse-family relationship with nursing presence (acknowledge family, empathy, eye contact, introduction, commendations) (Wright  & Leahey, 2013)


(Walsh, 1993; Olson, 1993)



Developed by Eggenberger (2007); Revised by Eggenberger, Meiers, Krumwiede, Bliesmer, & Earle (2009); Revised by Eggenberger, Krumwiede, Christian, & Van Gelderen (2012); Revised by Eggenberger, Meiers, & Krumwiede (2014)

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