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Family Fear

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“a …motivated state where …threat guides behavior. ..A defensive response to perceived threat or result of exposure to an environmental reminiscent of the original fear experience.” Critical attributes include a focus on the threat and behavioral change with feelings of dread, scared and frightened (Bay & Algase, 1999). Acknowledge the illness experience may pose fear and threats to the family unit and individual family member


Further development needed

  • Create opportunities for nurse to be viewed as resource
  • Use nurse presence techniques of eye contact, appropriate touch, and reassuring voice
  • Encourage discussion regarding fears of the individual and family experience
  • Provide assurances and explanations
  • Provide thorough explanations of environment and event
  • Reassure family that fear is understandable and expressing fears may be helpful
  • Empower family members to search for protective factors
  • Take actions to minimize fear from family waiting, uncertainty, and distresses


(Bay & Algase, 1999)


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