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Family Violence and Abuse

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“the intentional intimidation, physical and/or sexual abuse, or battering of children, adults or elders by a family member, intimate partner, or caretaker” (Alpert, Cohen, & Sege, 1997, p. 53) Family violence can encompass child abuse and neglect, violence among partners and elder abuse (McDaniel, Campbell, Hepworth, & Lorentz, 2005; Segrin & Flora, 2011). Abusive families often lack the internal controls to create a safe environment and a significant power differential may exist that increases the risk of violence. An abuse of power contributes to an emotional or physical environment that is not nurturing for family members.


Further development needed

  • Screen for safe family environment
  • Recognize signs of abuse and assess family to rule out abuse
  • Ask about specific behaviors
  • Mobilize a safety network for the family
  • Acknowledge a range of conflict and difficulties in relationships
  • Initiate the work of change and healing
  • Launch referral system to obtain help
  • Interview family members individually
  • Ask questions in nonjudgmental, nonthreatening manner
  • Further assess use of substances
  • Develop safety plans as needed



(McDaniel, Campbell, Hepworth, & Lorentz, 2005; Rizo, Macy, Ermentrout,  & Johns, 2011).


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