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Family Management Styles

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Patterns or typologies of family response to health care challenges (Knafl & Deatrick, 2003). Component of the Family Management Style Framework include the situation, management behaviors, and sociocultural context. The subjective meaning family members defines the situation while the management related to efforts directed toward caring for the illness and family while sociocultural context defines how the family manages the situation (Knafl & Deatrick, p. 2003, p. ---“the family’s role in actively responding to illness and health care situations” (Deatrick & Knafl, 1990, p. 2).


Further development needed

  • Explore family strengths and praise efforts to meet needs and identify family concerns
  • Explore family members:
    • *Definition of the situation
    • *Management behaviors
    • *Perceptions of the consequences of the family member’s health condition for family life
  • Explore sociocultural contexts of the family management processes:
    • *Extended family
    • *Societal view of situation
    • *Social network
  • Discuss perceptions of the individual family members and family member with health concerns
  • Examine individual and family unit functioning
  • Identify management of family:
    • *Progressing, accommodating, maintaining, struggling, and floundering
  • Identify the underlying families structure and function that influence the health and illness experience and can be embraced to promote health


(Wiegand, Deatrick, & Knafl, 2008; Knafl & Deatrick, 2003; Knafl, Deatrick, & Havill, 2012)


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